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It's always wise to have duplicate remotes available. So many times we tend to misplace these valuable remotes or lose them altogether. Then, we're either locked out of our garages or cars OR we have to pay big bucks to have them replaced. ugh!

We've created this amazing remote duplicator that uses one-to-one technology for copying any wireless remote, car key, garage door opener, whatever! The password of each key is saved individually for your convenience. No worries! Our duplicator features high transfer sensitivity and no signal blocking. The device can attach right to your key ring and go with you anywhere.


  • APPROACH TO DUPLICATING: Place the remotes side by side (as close as possible), then press the key of your old remote and the to-be-matched key remote simultaneously. The LED indicator will flash about three times, followed by a continuous fast blinking. Done!
  • APPROACH TO CLEARING OLD CODES: Long press the upper two (A & B) buttons to clear old codes (The LED indicator will flash three times, followed by a continuous fast blinking, which is the sign of a cleared state).


Step 1 – Clear the Memory

  1. Hold A and B buttons together - LED will flash 3x times
  2. Keep holding down A button and release B button
  3. Keep holding A button and push B button 3x times, LED will start flashing
  4. Now press any key on the remote control, LED lights are not bright, so delete code is a success; if you press the button LED lamp is lit, indicating that the original code is not deleted!

Step 2 - Copy Your Remote Control

  1. Put both remotes next to each other (touching). Make sure they have direct contact.
  2. Hold 1 button on your original remote and 1 button on your clone remote.
  3. Keep holding until the LED light blinks twice then blinks twice again then goes steady. This means the cloning has been successful.
  4. If for some reason the clone does not go further than 2 blinks, it means the signal did not go through, please shift the remote slowly up and down until you get to the point where it will go through.


  • Material: ABS + electronic components
  • Compatible chips: 2262, 2260, 5026, 5326, 5326 - 3, 5326 - 4, FP527, PT2240, EV1527, HT6010, HT6014, HT12E, HT640, HT680, PLC168, SMC series, 9XX, PT2292, 12L - 4SC, HT6026, UM3750AM, etc.
  • Compatible crystal frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz
  • Powered by: 1 x 27A battery ( included )


  • 1 x Remote Control Duplicator